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Romancing the Gold

Romancing the Gold SOLD

Algonquin Fireglow

Algonquin Fireglow SOLD

December Dreaming

December Dreaming SOLD

Birches Aglow

Birches Aglow SOLD

Evening Solace

Evening Solace SOLD

Twilight Sparkle

Twilight Sparkle SOLD

Afternoon Glimmer Peck Lake

Afternoon Glimmer Peck Lake – SOLD

Blue Moves

Blue Moves SOLD

Summerglow Burleigh Falls

Summerglow Burleigh Falls SOLD

Algonquin Glimmer

Algonquin Glimmer – SOLD

Summer Sparkle Plein Aire

Summer Sparkle Plein Aire – SOLD

Spring Sparkle

Spring Sparkle – SOLD

Afternoon Glimmer

Afternoon Glimmer – SOLD

Minden Pond Stained Glass

Minden Pond Stained Glass – SOLD

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