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Torc Falls

Torc Falls

Muskoka in July

Muskoka in July

Georgian Bay Sunset

Georgian Bay Sunset SOLD

Rock Lake Algonquin

Rock Lake Algonquin SOLD

September in Algonquin

September in Algonquin SOLD

Rock Lake in September

Rock Lake in September

Spring Afternoon

Spring Afternoon

Harold’s Point in Spring

Harold’s Point in Spring SOLD

PalmTree on Coast

Palm Tree on Coast

Muskoka Thaw

Muskoka Thaw SOLD

Sand Dunes in July

Sand Dunes in July SOLD

Algonquin In Autumn

Algonquin In Autumn SOLD

Transcendence (Newfoundland)

Transcendence (Newfoundland)

Afternoon in Killarney

Afternoon in Killarney SOLD

Stream Through the Meadow

Stream Through the Meadow SOLD

River Marsh

River Marsh SOLD

Meandering River

Meandering River SOLD

Humber River in July

Humber River in July SOLD

Forest Reflections

Forest Reflections SOLD

Marsh Land Study

Marsh Land Study SOLD

Embrace of the Evening Sun

Embrace of the Evening Sun SOLD

South Georgian Bay Pines

South Georgian Bay Pines SOLD

Winter Shadows

Winter Shadows SOLD

Spring Shadows

Spring Shadows SOLD

Stream Through the Woods

Stream Through the Woods SOLD

Shadows in the Woods

Shadows in the Woods SOLD

Winter in the Woods

Winter in the Woods SOLD

The Warmth of the Evening Sun

The Warmth of the Evening Sun SOLD

Exploring The Islands

Exploring The Islands SOLD

Wasaga Beach Study

Wasaga Beach Study SOLD

Beach Study

Beach Study SOLD

Spring Melt

Spring Melt SOLD

Georgian Bay Archipelago

Georgian Bay Archipelago SOLD

Rolling Surf in Autumn

Rolling Surf in Autumn SOLD

Engaging Shadows

Engaging Shadows SOLD

Evening in Algonquin

Evening in Algonquin SOLD

Evening on the Island

Evening on the Island SOLD

Algonquin Reflections

Algonquin Reflections SOLD

Muskoka Rapids

Muskoka Rapids SOLD

Walter’s Falls

Walter’s Falls SOLD

Winter’s Warmth

Winter’s Warmth SOLD

Edge of Time

Edge of Time SOLD

Eagle Lake Marsh

Eagle Lake Marsh SOLD

Thundering Rapids

Thundering Rapids SOLD

Algonquin Study

Algonquin Study SOLD

Algonquin Shores

Algonquin Shores SOLD

Peaceful Northern Beach

Peaceful Northern Beach SOLD

Northern Twilight

Northern Twilight SOLD

Sydenham River

Sydenham River SOLD

Country Garden

Country Garden SOLD

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