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Surrounding You

Surrounding You SOLD

Soft Colours of Killarney

Soft Colours of Killarney SOLD

Canadian Shield Country

Canadian Shield Country SOLD

Refracted Canopy

Refracted Canopy SOLD

Leaning Pair

Leaning Pair SOLD

Morning Light Across the Island

Morning Light Across the Island

Let It Wash Over You

Let It Wash Over You

Sunlight Story

Sunlight Story SOLD

Down the Forest Path

Down the Forest Path

Taking a Breath

Taking a Breath SOLD

Breeze Over Water

Breeze Over Water SOLD

Lighten Up

Lighten Up SOLD

Rounding the Point

Rounding the Point SOLD

Ode to Joy

Ode to Joy SOLD


Lookout SOLD

Fire Sky

Fire Sky SOLD

Where the Wind Blows

Where the Wind Blows SOLD

Warm Reflections

Warm Reflections SOLD

Blaze of Glory

Blaze of Glory SOLD

Reaching the Shore

Reaching the Shore SOLD

Stretching Across

Stretching Across SOLD

Always Among Friends

Always Among Friends SOLD

Muskoka in October

Muskoka in October SOLD

Long View Sunset

Long View Sunset SOLD

On the Bay

On the Bay SOLD

Summer Point

Summer Point SOLD

Forest Bramble

Forest Bramble SOLD

Early Sunset

Early Sunset SOLD


Meandering SOLD

White Pines

White Pines SOLD

Over The Water

Over The Water SOLD

Back to the Wind

Back to the Wind SOLD

Orange Sky

Orange Sky SOLD

Muskoka Afternoon

Muskoka Afternoon SOLD

Strength Within

Strength Within SOLD

Tucked in the Trees

Tucked in the Trees SOLD

Confetti of Colour

Confetti of Colour SOLD

Winter Cedar Forest

Winter Cedar Forest SOLD

Canola in the Summer

Canola in the Summer SOLD

Cedar Trunks II

Cedar Trunks II SOLD

Unbridled Joy

Unbridled Joy SOLD

Golden Times I

Golden Time I – SOLD

Passion for Colour

Passion For Color – SOLD

Forest Unfolds

Forest Unfolds – SOLD

Aqua Dream Redux

Aqua Dream Redux – SOLD

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